How hot does it really gets in Ha Noi?

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 How hot does it really gets in Ha Noi?

Climate change is increasing extreme heat globally, which effects gradually the weather in Ha Noi. It is getting hotter in Ha Noi city and this situation signs to incessantly rises in the future. According to some researches, the temperature in Ha Noi recently has reached to 38-39 degrees, especially in 2015 when it peaked at 40 degrees. Therefore, there is a funny experience when people in the city bring out some food in a pan under directly the sunlight to observe how it is heated. Besides, the moisture is very low, which means that it has no rain in the city for a long time. Moreover, this situation will last for a long time, about 4 or 5 months annually, which brings a lot of disadvantages.

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Citizens have to suffer from the hot temperature

  First of all, the hot weather can cause bad effects on the health of old people and kids, who have weak immune system. They can suffer from body temperature disorder or even faint. Additionally, the temperature increases, which enhances the demand of electricity use considerably, then leads to the shortage of power for the city. Obviously, one of the main reason leading to this situation is climate change. According to EPA, the Greenhouse effect causes the atmosphere to retain the heat, which acts like a blanket making the Earth become warmer than it would otherwise be. Besides, another reason is the concrete effect, which also remains the temperature when there is more building and less trees in the city, the building absorbs the heat from the environment.

    In conclusion, people should find out a solution to protect themselves from the heat or sickness. It can be avoiding direct sunlight, drinking water and fruit…However, from a panorama view, we need to find out absolute solutions such as decreasing the greenhouse effect and encouraging of growing a large amount of tree in the city.

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