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Hanoi Free Motorbike tours 

  1. Duration: 3 Hours
  2. Places: Sword lake, Old Quarter, Long Bien bridge, Ceramic road, Dong Xuan market, West lake, Phu Tay Ho
  3. Price: 15 US Dollars (330.000 VND) (For motorbike rental, Parking tickets and Petrol).

Hanoi Motorbike tours are not uncommon with all international visitors, however, experiencing a motorbike tour with Hanoi free local tour guides would be the most memorable trip for your life. Hanoi Motorbike tours are far more thrilling than taking a bus trip or just going for a walk owing to several factors that other trips are in lack of.

Firstly, we always try our best to make sure that all you guys can be immersed yourselves in seeing sights with our professional, friendly and enthusiastic tour guides. Our members are young generations who have deep patriotism and long to promote our national images to foreign friends. Besides, Our free tour guides are good at English so as to convey the entire messages and stories to international visitors and make conversations spontaneously. So many people asked us that whether tour guides’ driving skill are safe enough? This problem is really important and worth catering to. Nevertheless, if you book a motorbike tour with Hanoi Free Local Tours, it is not a matter, as all our members have passed the driving test excellently and even are trained carefully to bring the visitors the sense of safety and enjoy the whole trip without worries. Making visitors feel assured when riding with us are always put ahead.

Secondly, when it comes to attractive destinations that we will take you to cannot out of list without doubt.




We will ride you around the Sword lake- the slap bang of Hanoi capital which owes the longstanding history and hidden legend through the cherry and touching voice of the tour guides. Standing out in the middle of the lake is Turtle tower that is a symbol of Hanoi. Its architecture is the perfect combination between European and Vietnamese style. Another national relic is Ngoc Son complex, including Pen tower, the Inkslab, The Huc bridge and Ngoc Son temple. All of them create an impressed highlight, right there in the heart of the capital of Hanoi.


After that, we will surf through Old Quarter to get a glimpse of both classic and contemporary architectures here. It is the major Hanoi’s commercial district with its heart and sound being exposed through ancient streets. It is said to be the most vibrant and cosmopolitan trading site. It consists of 36 old streets whose name starts with “Hang” and represents for special goods that it specializes. For example, if you dropped by Hang Dao that used to be a renowned centre for trading silk, you would have bought the quality silk for your own. However, it currently specializes in ready-making clothes. Then turn right, you can come across Hang Bac which is considered as a silver factory under Ly dynasty. Wow, we are pretty sure that if you shop around all 36 old streets here, you might burn a hole on your pocket!!! Since its diversity and vibrancy can take your breath away. Besides, the daily life of Hanoians are more vivid and real than ever before through the very your eyes.

Being a Hanoian by taking a free local tour on mortorbike around hanoi


Next, staying away from the hustle and bustle of city life, we will be off the beaten track and move on to Long Bien Bridge which was one of the greatest bridges in Vietnam at that time it was built. Many visitors coming here feel that Long Bien bridge is the most perfect place to get sunset and take some photos. Because of standing from here, you can be immersed yourselves in breathtaking view of Red river and daily activities of local hard-working people in this area.  More importantly, this bridge has gone into our history for ages. Despite experiencing ups and downs during the long resistance war, it stands still and lives with Hanoians as a part and parcel of our life.


One place that cannot forget to mention is the ceramic road. It is the longest road with 4 km length. It can be said to be an artistic masterpiece with millions of small ceramic pieces on the occasion of 1000 years Thang Long citadel. Riding pillion the native driver along this road, you can get the feel of the local and understand how Vietnamese people are so proud of it. Only by looking at the images in this road, you guys can briefly portrait our cultural and traditional values during over 1000 year of building and protecting the country.


Then visitors would have chance of becoming intellectual native buyers in some traditional markets here. There is a wide range of goods trading on a daily basis such as pineapple, passion-fruit, meat, fish and many other special products that are specialized in these markets. Dong Xuan market is the distribution place and a bulk sale for retailers because of the quantity and price of goods here, while for tourists, it is the most attractive site to enjoy mouth-watering traditional dishes like Bun Cha, Bun Rieu. Furthermore, it will be more interesting if you learn how to bargain with humorous, friendly sellers in this market. Specially, there are almost female sellers here so that you will gain deep insight into Vietnamese women- greatest mothers, greatest wives and brilliant businesswomen.



The next part of motorbike tours in Hanoi is another large lake – West lake. If Sword lake brings the sense of vibrancy and excitement, West lake is far quieter and more peaceful. However, on the contrary of its peace, lives surrounding West lake are the most luxurious and qualified in Hanoi with villas and fussy buildings mushrooming. Stopping for a while to enjoy the breeze winds in West lake can blow your mind and it seems to heal any stress or pressure because of learning schedule or working stuff. That is the reason why it is the site for the young to gather on weekends.


It is noteworthy to mention that there is a famous temple nearby the lake called Phu Tay Ho. It was renovated recently in order to live up to people’s expectation. At the beginning of the year, in January and February to be exact, it is the place for the countless line of visitors from both inside and outside Vietnam to gather and pray for the family’s health and luck for the whole day. Therefore, it is often crowded in these holidays.

Another factor that cannot out of list is the service which is extremely professional. Besides, our tour guides always cater to the need of visitors physically and emotionally.

To specify, our tour guide will get picked you up at the hotel on time because we do not want to waste any little quality time to enjoy the whole tour with us. And then making a short conversation is necessary to make sure everything is ready to set off the adventure, especially some advice and rules while sitting on the back of the riders. For example, please hold on tight when getting through adventurous roads or at rush hour. Since you know, at rush hour, traffic appears to be a huge car park and hundreds of vehicles are jostling for the space in the road. It goes without saying that this scene is definitely thrilling experience that you would not like to miss. Moreover, when approaching the daunting intersections, you guys will have the feelings of rush adrenaline or scary a little bit, but don’t worry since you are accompanying with delicate tour guides – Hanoi Free Local Tours. If you take little children with you, we will suggest you some tips to assure the safety of them. More importantly, you can completely bury yourselves in a fantastic motorbike tour with us and enable kids to gain hands-on experience about Vietnamese lifestyle. Besides travelling on the scooters, you guys are able to take on challenge to learn how to ride a motorbike once time with the thorough instruction of our tour guides. It is a certainly fascinate and unforgettable event in the trip to Vietnam- a small, friendly country.

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  • Alishia
    April 17, 2017


    i am interested in the motorbike tour although i have some questions:
    1. can i get a female guide?
    2. can i customise the itinerary a little to visit the famous Trấn Quốc Pagoda instead of PHU TAY HO ?

    Is it available on 29th april for 1 person?

    Thank you!


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