Famous Coffee Shops in Hanoi, Vietnam

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Famous Coffee Shops in Hanoi, Vietnam

Many coffee shops develop like mushroom in Ha Noi, the capital of Viet Nam but many of those just jump on the band wagon. As a result, there are many coffee shops but we hardly choose the best places. If you are still concerning about this problem. Let me help you with my article, written and  based on research and my experiences about coffee shops. As my knowledge, coffee shops in Hanoi are divided into three main kinds such as: coffee book, coffee internet, coffee K+ and take- away coffee All of them have one thing in common is that the price of this drinking is reasonable and the its kinds are very various. However, they have obviously different features.

egg Coffee shops in Hanoi - Hanoi Free Local Tours
egg Coffee shops in Hanoi – Hanoi Free Local Tours

To begin with coffee book, This kind of coffee  is suitable for people who need quiet and nice space to enjoy their favorite books with a cup of coffee. The inside is warmed up with yellow light and nice stuff. It still has bookshelves  for many types of books like business books, novel, comic books and so on. Moreover, you can not only read book but also meet people or hold book club meetings. I could suggest some places such as: Moc Mien coffee shop, Le Petit cafe, Book coffee shop – they are located on no.19, Thuy Khe Street, Tay Ho ward;  No.25 Ha Hoi Street, Hoan Kiem ward; 12/75 Nguyen Cong Hoan Street, Ba Dinh ward.

Coffee shops in Hanoi - Hanoi Free Local Tours
Coffee shops in Hanoi – Hanoi Free Local Tours

Another place  is coffee internet. At these coffee shops in Hanoi, you have to for the relaxing space, away from at-home, which can result in productive environment in which You can do work or you are able to spend all day drinking coffee and having a round of verbal one-upmanship with your friends. These best places are Urban coffe, Pattern coffee, Cong coffee and so on.

Finally, the coffee K+ is the best choice for people who love football and gather to watch it together. For example in these days, man usually go to the coffee K+ with their friends to watch UEFA Euro 2016 with one another. They can talk and get a pool with one other. Moreover, they could soak up the Euro feeling. Some good places are Coffee winner, Likes cafe, Cafe Ahmac, AZ coffee and so on.

Famous Coffee Shops in Hanoi, Vietnam

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