August 2016

3 Reasons Why Travel With Your Kids – Travelling to Hanoi with Kids

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3 Reasons why you should travel With your young Kids

Many people think that travelling with kids can be challenging. But in my opinion, it is the perfect time to travel when your kids are young enough to be excited to explore everything and create a new experience.

Firstly , there are many benefits of bringing children to travel. Your kids are inspired to learn and be open-minded to embrace other different cultures. For example, instead of sitting in your own country to learn about the history of other countries, it would be good and exciting for children  to travel to those places to learn. Definitely, the information that they learn and experiences by themselves will benefit much more than that in textbook. Moreover, the living condition varying in many parts of country will help them easily adapt to any changes regarding physical and cultural aspects. Especially, enjoying the natural beauty, meeting new and friendly people, joining great outdoor activities makes your kids emotionally rich, active, creative,etc.

Secondly, the ideal time to travel to Vietnam, especially travelling with your young kids, is from November to April when the weather is comfortably cool. There are so many festivals taking place during this time. Here are some suggestions for your family:

the little girl wants to travel
the little girl wants to travel
  • Halong: makes sure that your young kids will love our cruise trip to Ha Long Bay with spectacular seascape of limestone pillars, caves, cute whales,some outdoor activities such as swimming, windsurfing and so on.
  • Sa pa: your little kids can learn about different ethnic minorities and learn how to adapt the hard condition while travelling  here. Of course they will be stronger and more independent
  • Hanoi: your family will have meaningful time with historical places such as: Ha Noi Old Quarter,  Literature temple, Ho Chi Minh museum, etc.

Thirdly, here are some tips for you to travel with young kids to Hanoi,Vietnam. You should get a tablet or smartphone along your trip. Without doubt the one thing all parents seem to agree on is investing in some sort of video to keep your kids occupied. Cartoons and movies are good choices for them. Moreover, before you travel, download some games or apps to your smartphone or tablet such as: flappy bird, candy sugar, zombies, pikachu, etc. Making sure that you always bring some sweets or fast food because your kids can be hungry anytime which causes them cry and not want to continue.

In conclusion, your little kids are definitely your ideal travel partners if you read helpful tips from my writing or internet. I hope you will have a good trip with your kids in Viet Nam.

Travelling with kids to Hanoi, Vietnam

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