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Hanoi weather and When to go?

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Hanoi weather and  When to go?

Ranked #4 in Trip Advisor’s list of the World’s Best Destinations, Hanoi is famous for not only its picturesque views, interesting traditions but also its climate. Hanoi weather is typical climate of northern Vietnam, which is usually known as warm, humid. The average rainfall of Hanoi stays at 1.680 mms while the average temperature is 23.6oC. The highest temperature have recorded is 42.8 (recorded in May 1926) and the lowest is 2.7oC (Jan 1955).
Hanoi has four distinct seasons, which are favorable for tourists all around the world.

Summer here takes place in May to August with July as the hottest month of the season. You can feel the heat of this season right at the beginning of it. The average temperature is around 32*C. The humidity ranges from 62% to 97%, which may even make it hotter in the feel. Summer is also the season of rain in Hanoi. It rains like cats and dogs and the weather changes suddenly. In the morning, you may get sweat and irritated by the heat and humidity. And then, you will be blown away by strong winds from a thunderstorm. The rainfall amount in summer is usually high. Together with the rather bad infrastructure here, Hanoi gets flooded and it’s hard to move around the city with that situation. In general, I don’t recommend travelling to Hanoi in Summer.

Hanoi weather and  When to go?
Hanoi weather and When to go?


Fall begins at mid-September to the end of October. It is usually considered as the most romantic and pleasant season of the year in Hanoi. With the average temperature of 26oC, visitors may feel relaxed and cool by the soft winds blown throughout the city. At some points of Autumn, you may see some heavy rainfalls which are called “Mưa ngâu” in Vietnamese. This kind of rain is not so heavy but lasts long, for a half to a whole day. In this season, you can experience blue clear sky, gentle winds and soft sunlight of Hanoi.

Hanoi weather and  When to go?
Hanoi weather and When to go?


Winter starts when the winds blow stronger and the atmosphere becomes drier  usually from November to January). When you open the hotel room’s windows, the strong cold winds hit you immediately. The average temperature for this season is roughly 19oC, sometimes the temperature may drop down to 5oC. You can barely see rain in Hanoi’s winter because the humidity is quite low. Remember to bring yourself a moisturizer to prevent your skin from being dried out and warm clothes in order not to catch a cold.


 Spring is the season of festivals all over Vietnam. Spring in Hanoi lasts from February to the end of April with a wet, humid feeling and lots of light rain. The average rainfall of this season is about 60 mm. You can meet Hanoi’s spring rain a lot while travelling. But don’t worry, they will just last for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. The temperature in Hanoi Spring is from 17 to 24 (*C) which is very favorable for tourists to experience Tet holiday and festivals here.

Hanoi weather and  When to go?
Hanoi weather and When to go?

So, which season is the most recommended for tourists?

In my opinion, it’s Spring. You can experience a lot of festivals in this season such as: Dong Da Hill festival, Giong Temple Festival, Co Loa festival… especially Tet holiday.

Hanoi weather and  When to go?
Hanoi weather and When to go?

With the cool weather and occasional light rain, tourist can never feel sick or get any cold of this weather. Moreover, with those who don’t want to be stuck in heavy traffic, Spring is the best idea for them. Why? Because it has a big holiday, which residents of Hanoi would like to go back to their hometown to visit their parents and relatives. In this season, visitors can also try several traditional foods such as: Sticky square rice cake, salted vegetable, etc. Generally, if you travel to Hanoi from Feb to Apr, you can experience lots of exciting things.

Minh Ngoc

Traning Activities hanoi Free Local Tours

Training Activities

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When I was knee high to a grasshopper, I always dreamt about going to a new horizon to explore the fancy world with novel and exotic things. Nevertheless, what I failed to realize is that my own hometown, Hanoi, is also full of charm I have not yet acknowledged.

It was such an unforgettable day today because it was my first training trip with Hanoi Free Local Tours, which gave me a sudden urge to look at Hanoi from a different perspective, from the angle of a tour guide and from the view of the host want to welcome her guests with hospitality. The familiar scenes seemed to go strange a little. Initially, we spent a couple of hours to examine the complex design, the oriental architecture of picturesque Ngoc Son Temple, the meaning of Huc bridge and also tried to figure out the real reason of the construction of Turtle Tower. Then, going straight to the next destination, we continued analyzing the stunning beauty of Saint Joseph Cathedral of Hanoi to gain some more knowledge about religions, precisely about Catholic. Saving the best for last, we ultimately visited the French colonial jail for political prisoners, Hoa Lo Prison. That place is no doubt a crucial part of Vietnam history which stored genuine pictures and objects from Vietnam wars. I could not help feeling terribly sad to see how prisoners were once kept, tortured and brutally treated. In addition, a huge Guillotine, a machine designed for cutting people’s head off, used by the French to execute prisoners are on display at Hoa Lo Prison. Then came a room with the pictures as well as the accompanying video about captured American pilots. This part of the museum is most appealing to foreign tourists, particularly the American ones.

Eventually, my trip ended with a glass of ice lemon tea and a cozy chat with other club members near the cathedral yard. Though all weary and tired, we got to know each other better and found invaluable touring experience. Today is such a beautiful day.


Author: Lien Tran

Famous Coffee Shops in Hanoi, Vietnam

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Famous Coffee Shops in Hanoi, Vietnam

Many coffee shops develop like mushroom in Ha Noi, the capital of Viet Nam but many of those just jump on the band wagon. As a result, there are many coffee shops but we hardly choose the best places. If you are still concerning about this problem. Let me help you with my article, written and  based on research and my experiences about coffee shops. As my knowledge, coffee shops in Hanoi are divided into three main kinds such as: coffee book, coffee internet, coffee K+ and take- away coffee All of them have one thing in common is that the price of this drinking is reasonable and the its kinds are very various. However, they have obviously different features.

egg Coffee shops in Hanoi - Hanoi Free Local Tours
egg Coffee shops in Hanoi – Hanoi Free Local Tours

To begin with coffee book, This kind of coffee  is suitable for people who need quiet and nice space to enjoy their favorite books with a cup of coffee. The inside is warmed up with yellow light and nice stuff. It still has bookshelves  for many types of books like business books, novel, comic books and so on. Moreover, you can not only read book but also meet people or hold book club meetings. I could suggest some places such as: Moc Mien coffee shop, Le Petit cafe, Book coffee shop – they are located on no.19, Thuy Khe Street, Tay Ho ward;  No.25 Ha Hoi Street, Hoan Kiem ward; 12/75 Nguyen Cong Hoan Street, Ba Dinh ward.

Coffee shops in Hanoi - Hanoi Free Local Tours
Coffee shops in Hanoi – Hanoi Free Local Tours

Another place  is coffee internet. At these coffee shops in Hanoi, you have to for the relaxing space, away from at-home, which can result in productive environment in which You can do work or you are able to spend all day drinking coffee and having a round of verbal one-upmanship with your friends. These best places are Urban coffe, Pattern coffee, Cong coffee and so on.

Finally, the coffee K+ is the best choice for people who love football and gather to watch it together. For example in these days, man usually go to the coffee K+ with their friends to watch UEFA Euro 2016 with one another. They can talk and get a pool with one other. Moreover, they could soak up the Euro feeling. Some good places are Coffee winner, Likes cafe, Cafe Ahmac, AZ coffee and so on.

Famous Coffee Shops in Hanoi, Vietnam

Tran Thi Hoai


Long Bien Bridge

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Long Bien Bridge

When visiting Hanoi, every foreign visitor often goes to such very famous places as The Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Hoan Kiem lakeBut now, I will introduce you a destination that you don’t often go: Long Bien Bridge.

Hanoi Where to go—romantic sunset in Long Bien Bridge

On visiting Long Bien Bridge, you will be impressed by its antiquity and the sencenery around. Being constructed from 1898 to 1902, Long Bien Bridge is the first bridge to cross the Red river, the biggest river in the north of Vietnam. With 2290 m in length, 19 spans, it was designed by French engineers; so, it is also called “Eiffel tower” of Vietnam. More than a century has gone by, overcoming so many ups and downs, Long Bien Bridge is still wonderful with values of time. It serves the trade between the two ends, helps people a lot in transportation.


In the war period, Long Bien Bridge was the shelter of Vietnamese soldiers. It protected the brave ones from bullets of the enemy. Therefore, it was in heavy demolition and until 1973, it was restored. Long Bien Bridge is also the place to welcome the soldiers to come back from the two pointless wars against France and the USA. Thus, to those soldiers, it is not just a bridge, it is the witness and memories of the glorious historical period.


Nowadays, Long Bien Bridge is a very interesting place for strolling and sightseeing. You can easily see many corns and vegetable fields under the bridge, breathe fresh air and take many photographs with the romantic view. Besides, you can go to the Red river rock shore near there to see the beauty of the flowers. Whenever you visit there, you can easily be impressed by the beautiful flower fields. In the spring, the peach blossom makes you feel warmer to reach Tet holiday. In the summer and autumn, there are landmasses of white blooming reeds. It is so beautiful and romantic. If you visit in the winter, you can immerse in the yellow color of borecoles.

In general, Long Bien Bridge is a very fascinating place to visit when you come to the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. Welcome you!

Nguyen Thi Diem